Say something i’m giving up on you.

When someone fights for you.. when a person takes the initiative to voice that they want you. All we wanna be is a lover to someone and when something goes wrong all anyone wants is a little fight. A little extra effort to say no… stay. Their is words in this world that can mean so many things. For example, love. It can be awful or it can be the greatest thing to ever happen to you. Hate usually is negative but sure it can be positive.. you need to learn to hate if you ever want to learn to love. What im getting at is the simple 4 letter words like love,hate but stay can change everything. “Stay” dont leave just stay. It can save a relationship or destroy a relationships. 60 seconds, 1 minute can change your whole life forever. One word, one phone call, one person can change your life forever. You never know whats going to happen so thats why im writing this to say when you feel something for anything dont let it go.. say those 4 letter words when needed. People do not realize how lucky we are to even have a chance to say you love someone or to tell someone to stay. Dont look back even though its scary. Say something before someone gives up on you. 


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